Marc Chagall

Self-Portrait with Muse (Dream). 1917-1918

Wedding. 1918. 

The Rooster. 1929. 

The Rooster. 1929. 

The Rooster. 1929. 

The Birthday. 1915.

The Promenade (La promenade). 1917-18

Golgotha. 1912. 

Adam and Eve. 1912.

Self-Portrait with Seven Digits. / Autoportrait aux sept doigts. 1912-13.

Hour between Wolf and Dog (Betwenn Darkness and Light). 1938-1943.

The Juggler (Le jongleur). 1943.

Red Roofs (Le toits rouges). 1953-54

Bridges over the Seine. 1954

Clowns at Night. (Les saltimbanques dans la nuit). 1957.

Artist at Easel. 1959-68

 The Tribe of Benjamin. Stained-glass window for the synagogue of the Hadassh-Hebrew University Medical Center in Jerusalem.. 1960-62. 

The Myth of Orpheus. 1977. 

St. Mark and St. Matthew. 1978. Stained-glass window

St. John. 1978. Stained-glass window.

Marc Chagall

(1887 - 1985)

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